I am a technology enthusiast in every sense and represent the millennial generation well.  I thrive on technology, social networking, social services, constantly having access to the internet, being completely mobile, and exploring new technologies.  I love to experiment with new services and methods that can help me work more efficiently and have a stronger capability to function in a digital environment.  This helps my Tax Accounting practice to function from anywhere on the planet which is important as I grow my client-base and travel internationally.


I specialize in small-business taxation and offer a full suite of services to keep the tax burden from interfering too much with clients’ business aspirations.  This includes tax preparation, tax planning, payroll services, and bookkeeping services.  Going on my 5th tax season and studying accounting and taxation at the same time has given me the opportunity to learn my trade through hands-on experience and then fill in the gaps through formal education.  It’s not the traditional way, but I have enjoyed the experience so far and look forward to the mountain of tax knowledge that confronts me.


Personally, I love to read tech blogs and pretty much delineate my life from one Apple product launch to the next.  I really enjoy spending time with my wife, exploring new countries and cultures, fooding(the adventure of hunting down amazing food anywhere I am at), skiing, wakeboarding, mixing electronic music(I am also a DJ), and enjoying the art of film.


I am currently studying Business Management, Accounting, and Finance at BYU-Idaho.  I will continue on to Grad school to earn a Masters in Accounting with a focus on Taxation as well as become a CPA.